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About Agency

Digisults  was founded by a selected group of professionals that are industry leaders with over 20 years in their own field, with the purpose to coach and provide businesses and organizations all the support and infrastructure in order for them to transition from traditional commerce into the digital world, with measurable results.


“Public Relations / Marketing Company of the Year Award”

After two years of being founded, Digisults was awarded the prestigious Sunshine Award. Received by our Director Vicente Pimienta, the Sunshine Award was presented by the South Florida Spanish Chamber of Commerce during November 3rd,  2017 at the Ritz Carlton in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida.

Our name is a combination of the two words that sum our services:

Digital + Results

Real people creating real results

Meet our team

Vicente Pimienta

CEO @Digisults

He is a Google Digital Coach & Entrepreneur. He has dedicated his passion in leaving a legacy to educate people to grow and develop their usinesses and skills in a great digital…

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Jesus Acosta

Jesus is a Cameraman, a filmmaker and a postproduction guru. With four Emmy award nominations and one Emmy Award, Jesus has become an icon with more than 20 years in…

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We grow your business!

Ready to get digital results?

Digisults recognizes and understands the role that technology plays in the growth and development of businesses and organizations. Among the most recent important trend has been the integration of videos in our websites and our social media strategies.

For our client’s convenience, Digisults has combined all of the digital services you will ever need, under one company.

Thank you for considering Digisults as the path to digital results!

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