Adjust your advertising to fit your budget

Adjust your advertising to fit your budget

Did you know that you can adjust your advertising to fit your budget?

Thanks to the Millennia Atlantic University for joining forces and our partner Florida Foreign Trade Association with Grow with Google.

Vicente Pimienta, Miami ‘s Grow with Google Digital Coach, had the pleasure of giving this excellent workshop on Google Ads.

Here, he focused on the basics of Google Ads.

Utilizing this, you can empower your customers to find you online.

Also Vicente Pimienta, [email protected]Digisults, shared with us how to advertise online and how Google Ads work.

He guided us step by step through the whole process of setting up your Ads account and creating your first ad.

In this workshop Vicente Pimienta emphasized the importance of using keywords to showcase what you offer.

Including how to optimize SEO and be able to appear in Google searches.

By doing this, you will have the best possibility to get in front of customers when they search for businesses like yours on Google. 

This is the way to connect with your target audience and get results, you need to be easily found on the internet.

Online advertising can be especially effective.

And the best part is that you only pay for results, for every click.

There is no minimum budget in Google Ads! You can adjust your advertising to fit your budget.

If you have a business, you must have Google Ads, because we all know that Google is where people search, research before they buy.

You will be able to adjust your budget on a daily or monthly basis and you can be confident that it will not exceed your limit. 

You can also choose to modify it whenever you want.

Also learn how to create goals for sampling ads if you want people to visit your website, call you, or visit you.

Another important thing is to place your exact zone, if you are from Miami, you don’t want your ads to be seen in New York.

Let’s say you have a restaurant, it is in your best interest that when people search for a restaurant in your area you appear on top.

And the best thing is that we shouldn’t feel intimidated or insecure about giving our exact address if we don’t want to, we can just mark an area and that’s it.

Register for the next webinar, Vicente Pimienta will explain how to make better business decisions with Analytics.

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