Aruba Tourism Traines Travel Agents

The Aruba Tourism Traines Travel Agents

he Aruba Tourism Board Trained their Top Travel Agents on new digital marketing skills. As a result, the travel agents expanded their online business. We are very proud that Aruba Tourism Board hosted this event and took the iniciative to invite our CEO, Vicente Pimienta. By hosting this event, the Tourism Board allows the participants to access this training and a great lunch at the  Bulla Gastrobar. This crucial traning to 20 important travel agents from Miami, Florida, as a result, lifted their hopes to market online. This meeting will take place at the restaurant located at 5335 NW 87th Ave. Doral, Fl 33178.

In this event, The Aruba Tourism Board Traines Top Travel Agents on how to use Digital Marketing tools. The Agents learned how to maximize all their opportunities to expand their business in the online world. There we will teach you how to write and use the online tools. This event is to allow you to create content, which as a result, increases interest in tourism.

The Aruba Tourism Board Traines their Top Travel Agents

We understand that Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services. You can use different digital technologies to reach customers online. In this workshop, we focused on several digital marketing channels based on the internet to promote traffic to our digital networks.

By receiving this training the agents where able to learn the many ways brands can use digital marketing. As a result of this trainning, the agents learnd how to use digital marketing to market their products and services. The use of marketing channels such as social media interaction allows brands to receive feedback.  As such, digital marketing has become a must have for brands and businesses in today’s society.

Aruba is a beautiful island and is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Southern Caribbean. Aruba has a approximately population of 100,000 inhabitants. The sunny little island is 21 miles (33 km) long, as a result, it allows you for a great vacation. Finally as a consecuence, Aruba has a realy nice weather and the temperature is around 80 degrees all Year. As a consecuence, this allows for outdoor activities. The Capital city is Oranjestatd is equally important as other capitals. In addition, this is a compact and cute city that you can explored on foot, is a haven for shoppers looking scores stores. Aruba a very popular vacation destination in the Caribbean and offers a large varied choice of accommodations and beautiful beaches with white sand. The Language is the Dutch and Papiamento

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