Be a Coach who empowers your Team

Be a Coach who empowers your Team

The way to achieve success for your company is to be a coach who empowers your team.

Being a good coach is the key to the proper functioning of a business.

Being a bad manager can make the work atmosphere unpleasant and difficult to achieve any goals.

Thanks to the FFTA-Florida Foreign Trade Association partnership with Grow with Google, this workshop has been made possible for you.

A workshop with a motivational purpose, where we learn the secrets to have a successful work team.

Learning to be a good manager is the secret. 

In this workshop, Vicente Pimienta, Grow with Google Digital Coach from Miami, also known as the CEO @Digisults, explains how to achieve it.

A successful coach is a person who teaches his team and takes the time to train them.

It’s a person who listens, welcomes feedback, and shows appreciation for their team.

The real success of a company depends entirely on a good coach.

Vicente Pimienta explains to us that a good Coach is one who:

  • Creates an inclusive environment, where the work becomes enjoyable.
  • Teaches his team how to learn.
  • Empowers his team and doesn’t micromanage
  • Is a good listener
  • Knows how to ask the right questions
  • Makes the right decisions
  • Knows how to listen and give feedback
  • Is a collaborator
  • Has a clear vision and strategy for the team
  • Empathizes with his team

Did you know that the success of a project depends on a good manager? So, be a coach who empowers your team.

By following Vicente’s advice in this workshop, you will achieve a friendly and open environment and reach your team’s goals.

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