The City of Coral Gable supporting the community.

Coral Gable supporting the community

The City of Coral Gable supporting the community.

Vicente Pimienta is very grateful to have been invited as a panelist to this important workshop.

He has been focused on helping small business owners with their transition from conventional to digital.

Vicente Pimienta is the CEO @Digisults, who has focused on supporting small business owners to achieve digital results.

Supporting the Coral Gable community, Vicente Pimienta was part of a workshop where he leads a 6-hour Boot Camp focused on the Digital Paradigm. 

For Vicente Pimienta, it is very important that all business owners have the goal of driving their audience to their website.

Do you know why he is so insistent that they follow you on your website? 

Because not everyone has social media, your website is yours, not dependent on another platform and it will always be there.

This was part of what he explained in his presentation at the Coral Gables Technology Workshop Series: Innovative Technologies Part 2

Besides being the CEO @ Digisults, Vicente Pimienta is also Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach.

Goral Gable’s partnership with Grow with Google was announced at this workshop.

Through this partnership Vicente Pimienta, will be giving a series of Google workshops for the Coral Gable community.

These Google classes will be educating the community about the tools that Google offers.

All these workshops, as well as all Google tools are free.

All these tools are at your fingertips just by having a Gmail account, which is also free.

Did you know that by having a Gmail you already have a YouTube Channel?

You will also have 15 GB of free storage, Docs, Sheets, etc.

Finally, the best thing is that everything you work on in Drive saves itself.

Follow us so you can sign up for our next event and find out what else google has to offer.

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