Creating a customer-focused marketing

Creating a customer-focused marketing

The whole idea of creating a customer-focused marketing is to engage your customers and make them loyal to your brand.                                                                        

 Learning how to develop a strategy that builds trust and long-term customer loyalty is the key to your brand’s success.                                 

 With this opportunity, thanks to Grow with Google‘s partnership with FFTA-Florida Foreign Trade Association, you can learn how to achieve it.

Here Vicente Pimienta, Florida’ s Grow with Google Digital Coach, will be sharing all the secrets to achieve it.   

 What is creating a customer-focused marketing?

Creating a customer-focused marketing offers customers value in every interaction, based on their needs and interests.

Creating a customer focused marketing is the right way to go if you have a regular or online business.

You achieve this by learning, as Vicente Pimienta will teach you, to make a detailed analysis of your customer as they interact in their buying journey.

By understanding your customer’s needs you will be able to adapt your brand to these needs.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, who has years of experience helping small business owners make the transition to the digital world.

He knows very well the importance of making your brand successful and making customers loyal to it.

A loyal customer will not only always come back to buy, but will recommend you and this will grow your clientele.

Telling real stories, such as why you came to your brand, can be a way that makes you empathize with a customer.

In this workshop you will learn different ways you can offer your customer to keep them coming back.

Learn how to persuade the customer’s movements so that they end up buying your brand.

Learning how to manage each of the four stages of the customer journey is very important for success.

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