Dedicating a few minutes a day just for YOU

Dedicating a few minutes a day just for YOU

​​Today is the best time to start thinking about you and start dedicating a few minutes a day just for YOU.

It’s already December and these last few years have been full of personal, work, family and health stress.

And we’ve felt so overwhelmed that we haven’t had time for ourselves.

Many of us have felt exhausted already at the start of the day.

We want to do so many things at once and in the end we don’t finish any of them. 

And that’s where we have to thank Florida Foreign Trade Association (FFTA), especially Gisella Bustillo, for her partnership with Grow with Google that made this workshop possible.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Miami ‘s Grow with Google Digital Coach, took the opportunity to share his secrets to gain energy.

Let’s finish this 2021 and get ready to start a 2022 year full of energy, positive with a balance between mind and body.

Vicente Pimienta recommended dedicating a few minutes a day just for YOU and his favorite technique is meditation.

Through meditation you have the opportunity to disconnect from reality even if it is just a few minutes a day. This can be very beneficial for your mental health. 

It can also help you to lower the stress of the everyday pressures of life.

Do you know how productive your day could be if you started it full of energy?

Well we can tell you that it is possible, of course, it is not easy to take that first step, but we should consider taking it.

It is also important to take into consideration, besides meditating, the following:

  • Concentrate on one thing. 
  • Manage a calendar, it is more productive than trying to remember everything.
  • Try to eat healthier, we don’t realize it but our energy has a lot to do with it.
  • Rest, yes, try to sleep and if you have the opportunity for a 10 minute nap, it can make a big difference.
  • Be grateful to everyone around you.
  • Exercise, walk, go out in the sun.
  • try to live more positively and you will see how your life could become more productive at home and at work.
  • Take some time for yourself and start to appreciate yourself more, because each one of you deserves it.

We invite you to register for our next workshop to learn about many more topics.

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