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Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing 101 – Biz2Biz Expo (English)

Digital Marketing 101 workshop was in English and totally FREE and was held at The Gulfstream Park, in Hallandale Beach, Florida. We had the honor of having Google Digital Coach Vicente Pimienta as a speaker where he had the pleasure of introducing digital marketing and technology tips for small and large business owners in Miami.

Digital Marketing and why it is important for companies.

Digital Marketing 101 involves all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the Internet.  Today, all companies use advanced digital channels such as search engines, social networks, emails, and other websites to stay connected with customers.

It teaches the difference between traditional marketing like print ads, telephone communication or physical marketing and digital online marketing.

There are a number of endless possibilities to promote your small or large business through video, email, social networks or website-based marketing.

The purpose of teaching Digital Marketing.

The principal purpose of teaching Digital Marketing is the amount of benefits, such as:

  1. Opening the three letters www. to open the doors to an online city;
  2. Speed up promotion;
  3. You can do it from anywhere;
  4. Better communication;
  5. and many other benefits.

Vicente Pimienta says that digital marketing is large and has many options and associated strategies. You can be creative and experiment with a variety of marketing tactics on the same budget. You can also use tools such as analysis panels to monitor the success of campaigns.

Vicente Pimienta teaches a digital marketing strategy with a series of actions that will help you achieve your company’s objectives, as well as online marketing channels which must be carefully selected. These cover the means paid, earned and own, and everyone can support a common campaign

It is a great opportunity for all  business owners and entrepreneurs to become more successful online. What you learned in this seminar has great monetary value for you once you apply it correctly.

In the end, you will learn how GOOGLE, through their simple platform and using their tools, could help you grow your business.

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