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Digital Skills For Daily Use

Digital Skills for daily use

Digital Skills for Daily Use was a workshop wherein the main objective was teaching our entrepreneurs how to use Google’s tools on a daily basis.

Our guests were interested in learning new tips on how to use Google.

This event was hosted by Miami’s Grow With Google Digital Coach and Digisults CEO, Vicente Pimienta and focused on how best to successfully utilize Google’s tools within your business.

Through Vicente Pimienta’s knowledge, individuals can expect to be equipped with the necessary digital skills for using Google and increase their productivity with Google.

This guide had a profound effect within our attendees.  Vicente Pimienta aims to educate people in a way that allows them to walk away from these events more prepared and knowledgeable in their pursuits. The event was a great success.

A great event for any individual

Students as well as business owners were able to gain a greater understanding of these skills.

They took advantage of the workshop in the best way possible. Everyone attending came with an active Google account.  This was the first starting point to take full advantage of this workshop.

At the Digital Skills for daily use, they learned

  1. How to start the Google App.
  2. Create a to-do-list with Google Sheets, and
  3. learn the To-Do-List
  4. placing the date, columns, color to differentiate the activities
  5. change the style of the letters, the size
  6. create meetings notes
  7. use a Docs template
  8. How to make an agenda with Google Docs. etc

And additional our coach show how uses of Google applications, like:

  • Sheets
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Photos
  • Chrome
  • Gmail

The purpose was to facilitate the use of Google in your day-to-day life, with some simple advice from a great professional like, Vicente Pimienta.

They also explore other apps like:

Forms, Calendar ,Hangouts, Sites, Slides, etc

This special workshop was in the magnificent facilities of the Le Meridien Hotel, in Dania Beach on Monday February 24 ,2020

For any additionally information about this and upcoming events contact us!



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