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Use Youtube To Grow Your Business!!

Grow Your own Business using Youtube!!

Grow Your Business using Youtube

It was another great event at our Google Miami Offices, where Digisults CEO, Google Digital Coach Vicente Pimienta, informed his guests on how to use YouTube to grow their businesses.

Vicente Pimienta shares in front of a select audience, his knowledge and tools for using YouTube and offers tips on how to easily use YouTube.  He will teach you the basics in how to expand your business using YouTube and how to improve SEO.  He will also provide you with techniques on how to improve your video results for Google and YouTube searches.

YouTube has become the main social network for videos and has managed to exceed more than one billion views per month. Once you start applying the techniques you have been provided with today,  you will see that visitors to your business will increase daily.  YouTube is the most efficient platform to promote your business. That is why we want you to know that YouTube is going to grow your business!! You need to open a YouTube account that technically is a Google account.

The guests will received valuable tips on how to use YouTube to promote your business successfully, such as:

  1. Including your keywords in the title, description, and tags.
  2. Watching YouTube videos and learn what works for you.
  3. Choose the best thumbnail that will get you the most attention
  4. Customize your channel
  5. Search keywords
  6. Put the URL to the beginning of your video
  7. Use call to action, Follow me, find me, like me, check the channel, share, etc
  8. Learn how to start to promote your video, on email, blogs, asking the people.

Our goal is to empower you using YouTube and so grow your business.

For any information about upcoming events contact us!

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