How can marketing influence customer decisions

How can marketing influence customer decisions

Having a business is no guarantee of success if you haven’t learned how marketing can influence customer decisions.

In this second part of the workshop, Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing,  you will learn how to build customer loyalty to your brand.

The City of Doral thanks to its partnership with Grow with Google gives all business owners the opportunity to learn how to achieve this.

It is a hard reality but many businesses have to close after a few years because they can’t survive in the face of so much competition.

And that’s what this workshop is all about, helping you not to be part of that group, but to be part of those who did achieve their goal.

Vicente Pimienta, Florida’s Grow with Google Digital Coach, will share with you the strategies on how to establish a loyal and faithful customer towards your brand.

The most important thing Vicente Pimienta, CEO @Digisults, will teach you is not only how to win over customers, but how to keep them.

You will learn how to create continuous value for your customers, how to make them loyal, and how to encourage brand advocacy.

A happy and loyal customer always comes back to buy and brings more customers with them.

Take advantage of all the free Google tools that Vicente Pimienta will share with you.

Tools that will help you to appear online and identify your customers’ trajectory.

Don’t let your customers end up with your competition, that’s why you will need to learn how to achieve loyalty and engagement.

How can marketing influence customer decisions?

A good strategy will have a lot of weight on the customer’s final decision.

You will also learn here how to engage your customer, interacting with them by giving away promotions, coupons, forms and other offers.

It’s time for you to sign up and start gaining customers and followers for your brand.

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