How to create an attractive email marketing strategy?

How to create an attractive email marketing strategy?

You know that email is the most efficient strategy to do business, maybe you didn’t know that and you don’t know how to create an attractive email marketing strategy?

Here you will hear the key to engage your customers with your emails.

Vicente Pimienta, Florida’s Grow with Google Digital Coach, invites you to register and take advantage of the information you will receive from this workshop.

Your business email is an economical way to grow your business.

No matter where your business is right now it is never too late to start with a good email marketing strategy.

In this workshop you will learn the fundamental tips for good email marketing.

As CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, knows how important emails are for a company.

And that’s why you should know what types of emails to share with your customers.

Know that there is email to sell and email to share relevant information with your customers.

You will also learn how people react after they receive your email. What do they do? Visit your website? All this using Google Analytics.

How to create an attractive email marketing strategy?

Learning in this workshop that you should take advantage of these two types of email and here’s how to do it.

These two types of emails will grow your brand, let customers know where to buy and create an engaged relationship between you.

In order to get a response to your promotional emails you must follow several rules that we will tell you here.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an e-commerce expert to achieve business success using your email strategy.

You will also learn how to take advantage of newsletter sending to make sales or pass on information.

Learn how to gain your customer’s trust by guaranteeing the privacy of their information when they subscribe to your email.

How many emails should you send per month?

That’s also what they will be talking about as this all depends on what your business is about and also what you expect to earn from these emails.

Sign up now and attract more people to your business using your emails.

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