Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing

Launch Your Business with Customer-Focused Marketing

RSVP – As a business owner you are already on the right track when it comes to how to launch your business with customer-focused marketing.

If you have have previously participated in our first workshop, then you have already learned how to:

– Build a compelling brand

– Define your audience

– Convert customers

– Build loyalty and defend your brand

But if you didn’t get a chance to be in the first part, this second part will have great information for you.

The City of Coral Gables in partnership with Grow with Google brings you the launch of your business with customer-focused marketing- Part 2 workshop.

In this workshop you will learn the most important thing a business owner should know, which is to Convert and pave the path to purchase.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Florida’ s Grow with Google Digital Coach, will give you this knowledge.

You’ve already created your brand, have learned how to define your audience, and you know how to convert that audience into customers.

Now you must learn how to make that customer come back to buy from you.

Vicente Pimienta will guide you through all the steps to launch your business with customer-focused marketing.

How to get a loyal customer, and most importantly, a customer who will defend your brand.

A loyal customer is a customer who, even when presented with offers and better prices from competitors, will continue to buy from you.

What better example than the Apple advocates. Their competition can launch a better and cheaper phone but their followers would not buy it.

Learn your customer journey as well.

What does this mean?

It’s tracking the customer journey on your site.

What they visit the most, when they leave, if they leave anything pending in their cart.

Knowing your customer journey can help you take your business to the next level.

By knowing where your customer is at, you can offer them a special deal.

Sign up and learn how to build customer loyalty with your brand.


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