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Our Powerful $5 Coffee

Our powerful $5 Coffee

An amazing journey for Vicente Pimienta teaching us about our powerful $5 Coffee.

Vicente Pimienta, CEO@Digisults and Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach was very honored to be a part of: The Future of F&B: Strategic Ways to Grow Your Small Business.

After opening his first company, he realized that he was born to teach.

Vicente Pimienta is very passionate in sharing all the knowledge that he has gathered throughout these years.

Thanks to this passion, he became Miami’s Grow with Google Digital Coach, where he has been able to spread his message to many people.

In this webinar, Vicente shared with us many gems of the Google Tools, which are extremely important for the Google Business presentation.

If you are in the food business and don’t have a Google Business, you are completely out of the market.

Our life continues before and after Covid, and we are forced to adapt to the new normal in order to survive.

Now, people don’t walk around trying to decide where they want to eat. Instead, nearly every consumer goes online.

If you are in the mood for Japanese food, you grab your phone and search on Google where the closest Japanese restaurant is from your location.

Do you know what that means?

It means that you need to take advantage of Google My Business, and most importantly, it’s completely free.

However, if you want to be more successful online, you can use Google ads without breaking your bank.

Vicente Pimienta recommended instead of buying our fancy coffee for $5 every day, make your own coffee and use that money in Google Ads  on your Google my Business and you are going to say this is “our powerful $5 Coffee” all this will  help my business to be always in the first place of the google search.

And imagine if you drink 2 of these coffees WOW!!! you can make your coffee at home and invest in the ads of your business.

Information is power and learning is your super power.

We share the excellent video of the webinar.

So you can learn how use your super power to bring your business to be on top and become successful.



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