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Digital Ads – Search

Advertise local businesses at the top of Google’s search page with AdWords.

Based on keyword search, our Digisults team of advertising strategists will work with you to create targeted ads that appear at the top of Google search results. Our ads can be customized to showcase reviews, business location, contact information, and more.



Turn searches into conversions for your business.

This is a fully managed service, so our Digisults team will do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Our team of strategists use industry-leading technologies including:

  • Automated bid & budget management, which uses market-leading algorithms designed to help maximize your return on your investment.
  • Instant alerts combined with daily URL testing, to help us prevent errors and create a successful campaign.
  • A global estimator tool, which combines our proprietary technology with Google’s to provide clearer estimates.
  • Google Analytics integration with UTM tags, which automatically helps us optimize your campaigns over periods of time.

We also take advantage of Google’s library of extensions to maximize conversions.

  • Click-to-Call Extension: adds a call button next to the search result, driving qualified phone call leads directly to your business number.
  • Review Extension: showcase reviews you have received throughout the web, influencing new customers to trust your business.
  • Location Extension: make it easy for your customers to get directions to your business.

Ready to have our team maximize your Google Ads Search results?

  • Superior awareness & exposure: we use the most advanced data-driven advertising technologies to promote your business to the right audiences on the world’s most popular search engine.
  • Rest easy knowing your campaign is being fully managed by an experienced team of strategists.
  • We develop a custom strategy for your campaigns based on your needs. Every campaign includes a free call tracking number, attractive and high converting ad creative, plus landing pages when applicable. Designed to work flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.
  • Fantastic ROI: detailed reporting showcases the number of clicks, CTR, Avg. CPC, campaign costs, average position on search, and the average share of daily search impressions. We’ll even show you how you can track clicks by days of the week and by which platforms your prospects are using (such as desktop, mobile, or tablets).


How does my ad show up in relevant searches?

Your ad will only show up when relevant keywords are searched in Google’s search engine.

What keywords are selected for the campaign?

When ordering this service, you’ll have the opportunity to specify the goal of the campaign and who we should target. We also ask for the top 10 keywords that may be related to your business. Our team of strategists will use this information to develop a successful campaign.

How is reporting delivered?

You will be able to access your monthly reports in our Business Center.

Where will we be advertised?

You will be advertised on the top of Google’s search results page thanks to Google Ads.

What do I need to do to get started?

We will schedule a discussion with you where we will establish the type of ad you wish to create.

What does the timeline look like from the initial consultation to campaign launch?

Please contact us for more info.

How often can I make changes to my campaign?

After the launch of a campaign, one round of revision can be done free of cost for every 3 months. Additional revisions would incur a flat fee depending on the revisions requested.

What do the “abandon” indicators mean in a campaign with call tracking?

  • Unanswered – a call that is not classified as a bad call (spam, misdial, etc.), but isn’t answered
  • IVR or Voicemail Abandon – a call abandoned by the caller during the automated routing or voicemail process
  • Hold-time Abandon – a call abandoned by the caller while on hold
  • Ring Transfer Abandon – a call abandoned by the caller during a transfer
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