Spy on the backstage of your website

Spy on the backstage of your website

Did you know that with Analytics you can Spy on the backstage of your website?

Sounds crazy, but it can help your business to be successful

Thanks to our official partner Florida Foreign trade association (FFTA) by joining forces with Grow with Google also to Millennia Atlantic University to be part of this webinar.

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Miami ‘s Grow with Google Digital Coach was delighted in explaining this Google Analytics topic.

In this workshop, Vicente Pimienta taught us the value of knowing how to use Google Analytics for our business.

Google Analytics helps us to:

  • Make new decisions
  • Change strategies
  • Know who enters our site
  • What movements the user makes within it
  • How long it takes to browse
  • The hours of more traffic
  • Places from where they connect, geographical reports
  • The number of visitors 
  • Know what they like and what they don’t like
  • Device used: Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
  • Where they leave our website.
  • How they came to find us on the web.

These are just some of the extraordinary advantages that Google Analytics gives us and the best of all is that it is completely FREE.

Because of this you need to Spy on the backstage of your website.

Just imagine the value and impact this workshop will have on your business,  you will be able to adapt to the pattern of what they are looking for in you. 

It’s how Vicente Pimienta explains, for example, if you have an online sportswear business targeting an 18-25 female audience in the Southern United States.

You may learn, through analyzing the audience demographics, that your targeted group is wrong and that the actual audience is mostly men over 30 years old. 

So you find out that it is time to modify the website and meet your initial needs, such as by offering a loyalty program or promotions.

Vicente Pimienta also recommends to:

Make a thorough monitoring of the proper functioning of our website and run complete web analytics, so we can know if the page is easy to visit, if it loads quickly and correctly or if it takes a long time, etc.

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