Steps of Design Thinking

Steps of Design Thinking

Knowing how to implement the steps of Design Thinking for entrepreneurs can make a big difference.

Come join us for the first workshop of the Grow with Google and The Venture Mentoring Team partnership.

The Venture Mentoring Team and the NSU Broward Center of Innovation invite you to Discover how to create a collaborative environment where everyone is responsible for the design. 

Our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, Florida’ s Grow with Google Digital Coach, will introduce you to the 5 steps of Design Thinking.

You don’t need to be business owners to implement this methodology, you can use it to bring solutions from anywhere.

You may not be familiar with the title itself, but you’re definitely surrounded by numerous things in your daily life that were created thanks to the Design Thinking Methodology. 

Design Thinking is used to solve problems in schools, on streets, on trips, in kitchens, etc.

Where do you think the idea of the TV remote, opening a garage with just one click, or airbnb were born from?

They are solutions that arise from a problem or inconvenience using the steps of Design Thinking.

Solutions are brought to us because someone sees a problem and wants to provide a fix for that problem. 

These solutions are brought to us by following the five steps of this wonderful methodology that you will learn here with Vicente Pimienta.

Vicente Pimienta, as CEO @ Digisults has had to use this to bring solutions. He goes through the five steps or phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Register and learn to solve problems by prioritizing consumer needs above all else. 

Be part of the solution using design thinking.

It’s about: observing, empathizing, seeing how people interact with their environment, and using an interactive, hands-on approach to create innovative solutions.

To do so and to use an interactive and practical approach to create solutions that are innovative.

Register and join Vicente Pimienta who will be answering your questions directly.

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