The Digisults family in the Good Grant Challenge

The Digisults family in the Good Grant Challenge

This 2021 was a challenging year for the Digisults family in the Good Grant Challenge 

This great competition was inspired by The Opportunity Project, a program founded by the Census Open Innovation Labs at the U.S. Census Bureau

It was a great honor that Digisults was considered for land invited by the City of Coral Gables to participate in Project Opportunity.

The Opportunity Project brings together government, technologists, and communities to build together digital products that use federal open data to serve the community.

This year, TOP offered 12 weeks to create and develop a product – called “sprints.”

Federal census data that will help solve national challenges.

Data that benefits businesses, nonprofits and universities.

The challenge will be in 3 categories:

1.-Climate, Resilience, and the Natural Environment

2.-Society, Economy, and the Built Environment

3.-Health and COVID-19

The types of challenges included: Software and appsCreative (multimedia & design);Analytics, visualizations, algorithms

In the creation of our product we realized how much data the U.S. Census Bureau offers for free that no one uses or even knows exists.

Digisults is an educational platform.

Thanks to this challenge, Digisults will be able to educate and service small and minority business owners in a sustainable way.

All this through the digital tools needed to successfully incorporate census data into their workflows.

This technology can help them make sound business decisions in an increasingly competitive business world.

Thanks to the invitation received by our CEO @Digisults, Vicente Pimienta, he took the development talent of his entire team to the maximum.

Using Design Thinking we were able to identify the data to use from the Census and how to develop this app.

We look forward to knowing the results of this competition. It  has been a great experience to interact with top level  rivals.

For the Digisults family in the Good Grant Challenge, the fact of participating makes us feel like winners and the lessons learned will make us even better.


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