The Digital Platforms Most Important Tendencies

The Digital Platforms Most Important Tendencies

The Digital Platforms Most Important Tendencies with more than 100 woman dress “In Red” & the spectacular environment at Botanical Gardens. This is the best event and place to develop a strategy in digital business.

Thanks to Caroline Soto for the invitation and also all the amazing businesswoman that were there that day. We were able to understand the tendencies and changes affecting the small business owners in South Florida. The energy and outstanding leadership from industry leaders that use different digital platforms.

As a witness, I know for sure when Latin Woman, in unity, they are a wonderful team to grow any business. We were happy to learned about the Digital Platforms Most Important Tendencies.

We understand the Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services in which you can use different digital technologies to reach customers online. In this workshop we focused on several digital marketing channels based on the internet to create traffic to our digital networks.

There are many ways brands can use digital marketing and benefit their marketing efforts. Use digital marketing to allow your brands to market their products and services online. The use of marketing channels like social media interaction allows brands to receive positive and negative feedback.  As such, digital marketing has become a must have for brands and businesses.

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The event took place during April 6, 2019 – ‘Leu Gardens‘, Orlando, FL, USA

The Leu Gardens if a property of consisting of 50-acre botanical oasis. Each garden is designed specifically to further the organization’s mission: they aim to inspire visitors to appreciate and understand local native plants. The garden and historical home were donated to the City of Orlando in 1961 by Mr. Harry P. Leu and his wife, Mary Jane. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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