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The USC Will Have The First Digital Coaches Event Of Google In The Country

The USC will have the first digital coaches event of Google in the country

The workshops will be in charge of the expert in marketing and digital commerce Vicente Pimienta.

The School of Professional Studies of the University of the Sacred Heart (USC) will offer for the first time in Puerto Rico the main workshops of the Google Digital Coaches program (GDC), on January 16, 17 and 19 on its campus in Santurce.

Participants in the workshops, which will be divided into three sessions, will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of having a presence on the Internet, how to design a simple digital marketing plan to achieve the established objectives, how to design and optimize Google Ads and how to use Google My Business to improve the visibility of online businesses.

The expert in marketing and digital commerce Vicente Pimienta, belonging to the exclusive program of Google Digital Coaches, will be in charge of the workshops created by the search engine company.

The purpose is to meet the needs of small businesses with a view to providing tools that improve the presence and visibility of businesses on the Internet, as well as techniques to reach new customers on the Google platform and grow their businesses.

At the end of the workshop cycle, participants will receive a certificate. Each workshop has a nominal cost of five dollars and those who wish to take the three workshops have the option to do so for a total cost of ten dollars.

For more information and registration please access or visit the web page

For more details about the Google program, go to

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