Watson Institute's Class of 2021 Graduation

Watson Institute’s Class of 2021 Graduation

So proud to be a part of this great moment, the Watson Institute’s Class of 2021 Graduation!

Also grateful to Tyler Tornaben for inviting Vicente Pimienta to be part of this graduation and to witness the new stage of Watson Institutes students.

As CEO @Digisult and also Grow with Google Digital Coach from Miami, he is very happy to have been able to contribute his small part to the education of these students.

He still remembers with great joy the day he gave the Masters Course, for him it was a unique experience. 

These will be the first Watson Institute Summit graduates from the pioneering class at Lynn University in South Florida.
Go Watson Institute’s Class of 2021 Graduation!
In life you go through many experiences. These mark a person and some can be so positive that they always live in your memories.

For Vicente Pimienta, his experience at the Watson Institute is such a memory, and one that has served him as inspiration.

This group of young innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs will be tackling the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Vicente Pimienta is very interested in what each of the young people will share about their work during the event.

What he is sure of is that each of them will make a positive impact on their community.

There is one particular memory that he enjoys bringing up.

During the ceremony after his Master Class, he was given a cape, making him feel like a hero in that moment.

Just as he felt in that moment, he hopes that each graduate will become a hero within their own communities.

Marking in some positive way every path they take.

Good Luck to the Watson Institute’s Class of 2021!

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